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Art Factory

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Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź is a place where culture has met business for years - on various levels and in various ways: from supporting the development of young creative enterprises as part of Art_Inkubator, through networking, exchange of knowledge and experiences, to the possibility of renting space. Choose the category you are interested in and view our suggestions.

Meet the Art Factory

Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź is a unique cultural institution established as a joint initiative of the Łódź Art Center Foundation, the Chorea Theater Association and the Łódź City Hall. The seat of the institution is located in the 19th-century modernized textile warehouses of the Karol Scheibler factory. Here, the past meets the present, creating a specific atmosphere for cultural activities.

The unusual organizational structure translates into an unconventional program. Independent art is intertwined with cultural education, social and artistic projects with activities in the area of ​​supporting entrepreneurship development under Art_Inkubator, design and photography with theater and alternative music.

You can come to us and take part in a selected event, you can learn something new, share your knowledge with others, organize something of your own, rent a space, or just sit, rest and spend your free time.


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