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Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki is a place where creativity meets entrepreneurship. Through this project, Fabryka Sztuki supports companies from the creative sector in the most difficult moment of their activity, i

Here creativity meets entrepreneurship. Through this project, Fabryka Sztuki supports companies from the creative sector in the most difficult moment of their activity, i.e. at the start and during the first years of operation.

<p>The workshops are organized in line with the idea of ​​family and intergenerational workshops, emphasizing the importance of spending free time together by children, parents and caregivers. The program of the series includes movement, theater, dan

A year-long series of workshops. Every month we propose a program of some great events for families, children, teenagers and adults.

<p>The main task of the #apologize that Thursday project is to expand and shape the musical awareness and identity of the inhabitants of Łódź and the whole country. Under these terms, we understand the education in the recipients of the projec

We organize chamber independent music concerts on the stage inside the buildings. The invited artists move around in such aesthetics as jazz, yass, improvised music, experimental electronic music, and ambient.

LDZ Alternatywa is one of the most important events on the musical map of Łódź. This is a series of Thursday free concerts in July and August. The program includes a wide range of music: from funk, through jazz, to electronics. From intimate performa

There is no vacation without Thursday's summer concerts at Fabryka Sztuki. Every year in July and August, the former magazines of Karol Scheibler and Ludwik Grohman at Księży Młyn vibrate with music.

<p style='text-align: justify;'>We are here to educate and support them at the beginning of their business journey. Our goal is also the integration and promotion of the Polish fashion industry. We join forces, we say 'no' to competition. M

A place to exchange ideas and experiences for independent designers, brand owners, producers, entrepreneurs and students who are close to the values ​​of sustainable business and ethical fashion.

Interesting performances, concerts and artistic activities aimed at children - both the youngest and a little older, as well as whole families. We want to delight, move and inspire you. Because Art is for Children!

<p>The program includes exhibitions, installations, performances, concerts, workshops and meetings with authors and experts.</p>

<p>Find out more: <a href=''></a><br />
Facebook: <a

A multi-day adventure full of attractions with picture books and various, inspired by cultural texts. Every year we invite leading publishers that deal with children's books to cooperate with us.

In the years 2007-2020, we completed xxx projects. You can check them all <a href=',15,30' onclick=','_blank');return false;'>here</a>.

All of them are available on the old website of Fabryka Sztuki, which at the same time became the institution's archive from 2007-2020.


We are a member of a network whose mission is to increase the creative, economic and social impact of centers in Europe and neighboring countries. We support the growth and development of the cultural and creative industries.
We implement international projects organized in cooperation with members of the network associating European cultural centers.
We help in adjusting the study offer to the needs of the labor market.


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