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Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź is a place where culture has met business for years - on various levels and in various ways: from supporting the development of young creative enterprises as part of Art_Inkubator, through networking, exchange of knowledge and experiences, to the possibility of renting space. Choose the category you are interested in and view our suggestions.
Tymienieckiego 3 attracts creative and entrepreneurial people who want to develop themselves and their ideas. A number of events take place here throughout the year, including meetings, workshops and trainings - all of them are dedicated to various creative industries. If you want to meet people, ask for opinions or learn something new - see if our events meet your interest.
<p>Due to the nature of the place and the specific environment of Art_Inkubator (experience in supporting entrepreneurs from the creative sector), our breakfasts are unique in their formula. They combine pleasant (refreshments) with useful (establish

Open breakfasts are an opportunity to establish new business contacts, present a company from the creative sector, and exchange inspiration and experiences.

<p>We are here to educate and support them at the beginning of their business journey. Our goal is also the integration and promotion of the Polish fashion industry. We join forces, we say 'no' to competition. Modopolis means meetings, pane

Modopolis is an event that takes place once a year and is a place to exchange ideas and experiences for independent designers, brand owners, producers, entrepreneurs and students who are close to the values ​​of sustainable business and ethical fashion.

<p>Tymienieckiego 3 pleases the eye both live and virtually. The second way, you can walk outside and enter the Glass Hall and the two adjacent buildings B and C, where the greatest events take place.<br />
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You can see the unique and modern interior of Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź from the inside and from the outside without leaving your home! We invite you for a virtual walk.

<p>If you are interested, please contact:<br />
<br />
Here are some of our collaborative projects:</p>

Art_Inkubator is a platform supporting the implementation of business and artistic ideas for entrepreneurs from the creative sector as well as institutions and companies dealing with cultural and artistic activities.


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