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Basic information

Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź is a well-functioning multidisciplinary art center, exploring primarily the edge areas of culture, but also a business support institution, supporting the development of creative entrepreneurship and the professionalization of the cultural sector.

The factory was established on the basis of a public-non-governmental partnership, based on mutual trust and understanding of the needs of each party in the partnership, which gives the effect of synergy and strengthening substantive activities. The constant and active program presence of the partners is inscribed in the development of the institution and acts as an element distinguishing the Factory from other cultural institutions.

The identity of the institution derives from the activities of social partners, ie the Łódź Art Center Foundation and the Chorea Theater Association, strengthened by a material place (post-factory space), which has become the home of many excellent artistic initiatives. It is in our buildings that such projects as: Łódź Design Festival / International Theater Festival Retroperspektywy / LDZ Altarnatywa, / #pologize that on Thursday / Twórcze Workshops in Fabryce Sztuki / Modopolis / Kropa + Kreska / Latawiec i Trąbka, found their beginning. The International Festival of Photography - Fotofestiwal is developing here, as well as many creative businesses run as part of Art_Inkubator.

Fabryka Sztuki is primarily people and it is to them that the institution owes its intensive development and creative approach to the implementation of creative and organizational activities.


_1_ "The Best Interior of the Year 2013/2014" in the General category. Organizer: Piotrkowska Street Foundation.

_2_ "Well-kept Monument 2015" in the special category Industrial Architecture and Technical Heritage. The jury awarded the prize for the careful conservation of the preserved historic substance and its harmonious combination with contemporary elements. Organizer: the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the General Conservator of Monuments.

_3_ TOP 10 Municipal Investments in Poland 2015. The competition jury selects and awards projects that stand out in terms of scale and have a positive impact on the economy, region and inhabitants. Organizer: and PTWP Group.

_4_ "Strong in Business 2015" in the category of culture, art and tradition. Economic Award of the Lodzkie Voivodship.

History - 3 Tymienieckiego St.

Karol Wilhelm Scheibler starts his business activity in Lodz. A year before he signs a perpetual usefruct agreement with Franciszek Traeger, the President of Lodz, for the tenancy of the 17-morgen plot of land at Wodny Rynek (Water Market) in the western part of Ogród Spacerowy (Strolling Garden). 1870 is the beginning of Scheibler's investment in Księży Mlyn (Priest's Mill). The biggest structure is an over 200-metres four-storey spinning mill built of unplastered red brick, with 55 windows on each floor, where 70 thousand spindles cause a terrible racket.


The beginning of the story of the four buildings where Fabryka Sztuki (Art Factory) is located. Initially, they served as warehouses for finished and unfinished fabrics. It was here that the now non-existent internal railway siding, connecting the plants with the station, began. Tymienieckiego 3 is one of the few places where the original tracks with a Russian gauge and other elements proving the original function of the buildings, e.g. a wooden floor, have been preserved.


The merge of the Scheibler and Grohman factories. The joint stock company named as the United Factories of Karol Scheibler and Ludwik Grohman becomes one of the largest textile companies in Europe.


The foundation of the Uniontex Lodz Cotton Factory in memory of the Defenders of Peace. This name will be used till the bankruptcy and final collapse of the factory. Thus, the period of the endless name changes is over. Uniontex declares bakruptcy in 2003. In 2007 it will go broke once more, but this time for good.

The derelict buildings become interesting for artists and event organizers. The first editions of one of the most important festivals in Lodz are being created: Construction in Process (1981), Fotofestiwal (2001), 1st Lodz Biennale (2004).


Łódź City Hall, Łódź Art Center and CHOREA Theatre Association form a city culture institution named - Fabryka Sztuki. Its mission is to enliven the cultural life and the professionalization of the creative sector, with the development and revitalization of the buildings being one of the primary goals. In the same year, for the 25th anniversary of the first Construction in Process, the most prominent Polish artists presenttheir paintings, sculptures, performance art, installations and photography on the factory floors during 2nd Lodz Biennale. Tymienieckiego 3 is an address that brings together some of the most important events related to music, design, theater, etc. In 2008, Zona Sztuki Aktualnej starts and for the first time there is a series of open-air concerts LDZ Alternatywa and Łódź Design Festival. In 2010, the CHOREA Theater organizes the first edition of Retroperspektywy - International Theater Festival.

The two-year renovation of three buildings begins. The Art Factory will be both a cultural institution and a business support institution under a new project - Art_Inkubator.

A new reality is taking place. The Art Factory receives a number of awards for the exemplary modernization of post-factory buildings. Two buildings connected by the 12-meter Glass Hall are handed over to organize the events. Inside there are 4 exhibition halls, a foyer and an audiovisual room intended for concerts, performances and screenings. The third building is a space with offices and studios. There is a place for a cafe on the ground floor. Art_Inkubator is also starting and recruitment for the first Residents.


In the modernized buildings, Fabryka Sztuki organizes a number of events that have become a permanent fixture in the calendar of Łódź: LDZ Alternatywa; #sorry for Thursday; Creative Workshops; Dot and Dash; Kite and Trumpet; Modopolis - Polish Fashion Forum. Fabryka Sztuki also co-organizes events that fit the vision and mission of this place: Łódź Design Festival, Fotofestiwal, Retroperspektywy; The Łódź of Four Cultures; Media Festival Man in Danger. 87 companies from the creative industries sector received support in running a business under the Art_Inkubator project.

Our team
Photo: Maciej Trzebeński
Maciej Trzebeński
Photo: Tomasz Rodowicz
Tomasz Rodowicz
Photo: Małgorzata Michałus
Małgorzata Michałus
Photo: Marcin Pajchert
Marcin Pajchert
Photo: Tomasz Krukowski
Tomasz Krukowski
Photo: Joanna Owczarz
Joanna Owczarz
Photo: Marzena Gościmińska-Wspaniała
Marzena Gościmińska-Wspaniała
Photo: Katarzyna  Krawczyk
Katarzyna Krawczyk
Photo: Maria Sobczyk-Kupińska
Maria Sobczyk-Kupińska
Photo: Barbara Neugebauer
Barbara Neugebauer
Photo: Rafał Kołacki
Rafał Kołacki
Photo: Agata Etmanowicz
Agata Etmanowicz
Photo: Maja Małecka
Maja Małecka
Photo: Szymon Poselt
Szymon Poselt
Photo: Marcin Dobijański
Marcin Dobijański
Photo: Jacek Szumacher
Jacek Szumacher
Photo: Tomasz Adamkiewicz
Tomasz Adamkiewicz
Photo: Adam Galicki
Adam Galicki
Photo: Joanna Chmielecka
Joanna Chmielecka
Photo: Adam Janusz Biedrzycki
Adam Janusz Biedrzycki
Photo: Majka Justyna
Majka Justyna
Photo: Małgorzata Lipczyńska
Małgorzata Lipczyńska
Photo: Joanna Filarska
Joanna Filarska
Photo: Aleksandra Shaya
Aleksandra Shaya
Photo: Anna Maszewska
Anna Maszewska


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