concert in Art Factory
#sorry that on Thursday - Fabryka Sztuki w Łodzi

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concert in Art Factory
#sorry that on Thursday

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CONCERT CANCELED - NEW DATE COMING SOON The band Bastarda Trio consists of Paweł Szamburski, Tomasz Pokrzywiński and Michał Górczyński. We already had the opportunity to hear the material from the previous albums live. This time it will be mystical Jewish songs without words - Hasidic Nigunas.

The publishing group and the environment associated with the Lado ABC label, is also a partner of the international research project HERA "Sound Memories. The Musical Past in Late-Medieval and Early Modern Europe." ( The artists make a bold attempt to reinterpret early music and create an original sound language on its basis. Hundreds of years old choral chants, motets, litanies often break up into small sections, the ever-changing counterpoint of early polyphony implodes minimalism, improvising around archaic melodies, composing new pieces based on them - they build a bridge connecting musical worlds distant in time, reaching its universal, spiritual dimension. Bastarda's music is a contemporary, original artistic statement supported by rich musical traditions.

Paweł Szamburski (clarinet), Tomasz Pokrzywiński (cello) and Michał Górczyński (double bass clarinet) use mystical Jewish songs without words - Hasidic Niguns. The development of the Nigerians, which often drew on local traditions and musical patterns in Hasidic culture, dates back to the 18th century. These are unique prayers with the help of which, in collective singing and dancing, in euphoric exultation, the Hasidim reach the "chamber of God". Bastarda, drawing mainly from the legacy of the Modrzyca dynasty, as well as from the musicological collections of Moshe Bieregowski, reveals the beauty of Jewish melodies to us, exploring and filtering them through the unique, already shaped language of the ensemble. The syllabic songs of Hasidim allow the artists to improvise freely and to express themselves in a very personal, intimate form. Bastarda is also inspired by the intra-musical, narrative power of the Nigerians. Without words, they tell about joy and sorrow, about life in the full spectrum of sensations, they constitute the essence of Hasidism, which has always oscillated between waiting for the end of the world and a joyful, almost ecstatic affirmation of life. Mystical compositions create a space in which artists move with great freedom, great class, knowledge and sensitivity, creating an innovative, outstanding work of extraordinary strength and beauty.

The material for the album "Nigunim" was recorded live in Studio im. W. Lutosławski, as part of the Music of Faith Festival - Music of Peace.

- "Promitat eterno" (Lado ABC, 2017), takes up the threads of medieval music, namely the songs and motets of Piotr Wilhelmy of Grudziądz (1392 - ca. 1480), one of the first composers creating in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.
- "Ars moriendi" (Lado ABC, 2019) entirely devoted to the theme of death and the funeral ceremony, in which choral chants, penitential psalms, litanies and motets intertwined during the entire ritual in a deeply symbolic way.
- "Nigunim" (Multikulti Projekt 2020)



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