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The Art Factory in Łódź is a cultural institution situated on the premises of the 19th century factory in the Priest's Mill (Księży Młyn). It was created jointly by Łódź Art Center, Chorea Theatre Association and The City of Łódź Office in January 2007. The activities of the Art Factory are mostly focused on theatre, modern art and art education. The Factory regularly organizes educational projects which are now a permament part of the cultural events calendar in Łódź. It prepares a series of lectures and meetings with artists and leading experts of culture and art, as well as seminars and workshops. It also carries out music projects and concerts. Another vital element of the activities of the Art Factory is joining in organization of three large international artistic projects – two organized by Łódź Art Center (Fotofestiwal – Internationa Festival of Photography and Łódź Design Festival) and one organized by Chorea (RETRO/PER/SPECTIVIES: Chorea – Theatre Festival). The final area where the Art Factory is operating are activities aiming at providing support for enterpreneurship in culture and development of creative industries.


Art Factory
Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Łódź, Poland

phone/fax: +48 42 646 88 65

Managing Director
Maciej Trzebeński

Artistic Director
Tomasz Rodowicz

Maria-Magdalena Sobczyk

Multimedia Projects/Design
Małgorzata Żmijska

Administrative Manager
Tomasz Krukowski

Chief Accountant
Małgorzata Michałus

Ewelina Kowalska


Scena Fabryka/Project Coordinator
Dominika Krzyżanowska

Akademia Twórczych Umiejętności/Project Coordinator
Pola Amber

Project Execution/Theater Hall Supervision
Tomasz Krzyżanowski

Project Execution/Theater Hall Supervision
Janusz Adam Biedrzycki

Project Execution/Workshops
Julia Jakubowska

CHOREA Theather Archives
Małgorzata Lipczyńska
Art Factory
Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Lodz, Poland
phone/fax: 48 42 646 88 65

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