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The project "The creation of Culture Inkubator - Art_Inkbator under The Factory of Art in Lodz" received funding from the European Fund in the contest of "The IIIrd Priority Axes of Economy, innovation, entrepreneurship ROP for 2007-2013. Measure III. Developing business environment".

We can speak about Art_Inkubator in the context of the implementation of two tasks, which create one common, substantive whole. The first task is the foundation of the project. These are the revitalization measures which result will be creation of the material part of the incubator - offices, art studios and multiprofiled art space , which will benefit future beneficiaries of the Inkubator. The second task is running and managing the Incubator. It's the institution of support, acting not for profit, which helps to entry to the market the future entrepreneurs, the third sector organizations and artists. It is a platform that allows on the realization of their business and artistic ideas.

Art_Inkubator will be a kind of platform for the implementation of business and art ideas. The Inkubator will be also the first in Poland, the incubator set at supporting and promoting the creative sector activities. Put simply, its activities and support will be targeted to the institutions and companies working in a cultural and artistic field. These might be institutions which organize artistic events or firms which assist them with their products or services (eg technical equipment, software, consulting) and finally the entrepreneurs from so-called cultural industries.

For all of them, Art_Inkubator provides the space and occupational infrastructure and management. It’s a specific address activities, providing protection in the toughest startup moment of the entity. Art_Inkubator encourages innovative ideas from an early stage of their creation to the "maturity" ended with exit from the Inkubator.

Art_Inkubator will be the institution that creates a culture of the organization and entrepreneurial culture. It helps entity to develop the ability to identify, evaluate and use the occasion to prepare a draft of artistic and cultural in terms of not only artistic, but also business. In the Inkubator, future entrepreneurs will learn the principles of costing of the project, preparation of business plan, proper ways of doing business, promotions, etc.

Art_Inkubator will also function as an integrative environment for the people of culture, art and business. It will be encourage people and businesses interact in order to create Lodz and Lodz region as a place of support for culture, art, places to stimulate entrepreneurship artistic circles. A final, no less important task of the Art_Inkubator is promoting the achievements in the field of culture, arts, education and entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, Art_Inkubator is supporting the development of cultural and social Lodz and the region, it is a chance for innovation in business, the creation of permanent jobs in the area of cultural undertakings and cultural tourism.


Art Factory
Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Lodz, Poland
phone/fax: 48 42 646 88 65

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