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Actual Art Zone is an experimental ehxibition space, where activities in the areas of visual culture and symbolic production are pursued and developed.

Actual Art Zone includes the organisation of collective exhibitions where the most important issues of modern art and culture are discussed. It also promotes individual projects created in cooperation with prominent Polish artists and rising international ones. Zona helps to develop creativity of young artists connected to Łódź. Actual Art Zone, a platform for artistic exchange, is a place where modern art can be met.

By guaranteeing a high artistic standard, Actual Art Zone aims to become an influential centre on the local and national art scene, taking part in maintaining and contributing to the cultural heritage of the city of Łódź and the country.

Project curator: Kamil Kuskowski


Art Factory
Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Lodz, Poland
phone/fax: 48 42 646 88 65

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