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venue: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3

The 10th edition of Lodz Design Festival will take place on 13-23 October 2016 and its theme is Identity. Together, with the invited curators and artists, we'll try to figure out how design affects the identity of authors, recipients of their work, society and also how the identity of the place shapes the character of objects. We will also present, along with partners, how brands communicate their identity through products.

venue: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3

Brian Eno, English composer, music producer and rock musician. Co-founder of Roxy Music. A pioneer and master of ambient music. The creator of sounds known by each PC owner and multimedia installations presented all over the world. Three times Grammy award winner will visit Soundedit this year and present his most recent artistic project in Fabryka Sztuki!

venue: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3

We hope that "Musica Privata" had a chance to root itself in the consciousness of music fans in Lodz and off-the-city. This year we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of our activity. What will change is the location, because this year's edition will becoorganised together with Fabryka Sztuki. What will not change is the idea and approach - during the first weekend in November we will present artists who search and realise, in our opinion, private approach to music.

We will have a chance to hear and see musicians such as Rapoon, Rafal Mazur, Krakow Improvisers Orchestra, Music School Complex Orchestra in Lodz.

Musica Privata @ facebook

venue: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3

"The Crack" is a performance created by the CHOREA Theatre, based on the text of the Norwegian playwright Arne Lygre, translated by Elizabeth Frątczak-Nowotny, and using fragments of poetic texts written by Rumi.

This is not a performance about refugees, who have suddenly lost the roofs over their heads and have to head out into the unknown. This is not a performance about those who do not know where they are going, but only where they came from. This is not a performance about people who have lost their loved ones, yet they still want to live. This is not a performance about those who are losing everything, yet still have hope that they will be able to start their lives anew.

venue: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz

Innercity Ensemble is a free-from improvisational musical collective combining 7 different personalities from different sonic backgrounds:jazz, post-industrial, noise-rock, electronic (musicians from HATI, SING SING PENELOPE, ED WOOD, GROBBING THRISTLE, STARA RZEKA). Their music is full of discrete melodies and subtle rhythms - somewhere in between meditative ambient music and percussive trance.

Innercity Ensemble - concert @ facebook

Open Call for Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2017 is announced! Deadline for submissions is 30th of November 2016. Prizes are: main prize of 10,000 PLN (about 2300 EUR), exhibition during 16th edition of the Fotofestiwal in Lodz, slideshows and free participation in portfolio review.

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