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venue: scene of Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz

What it is not : DATA_Noise is certainly not a dance piece with musical accompaniment, using some sort of the so-called "new technology" - sensors, computers - to be more "modern". DATA_Noise is a musical project, a composition written for synthesized electronic sounds, and meant to be played live, using the computer as the main instrument which creates by many means such as different synthesis or transformation techniques (scanned, granular, wave- terrain synthesis, waveshaping etc...). One of those techniques will be the use of a dancer, performing an extremely slow dance (of an entierely written choregraphy), and whose minimal movements, as seen by different sensors, will have a disruptive function on the behavior of the music-making computer - a way to introduce some "noise" in this very often too precise a machine, a way to maybe re-introduce some of the noisiness of the world into this electronic composition.
26 April 2017 (Wednesday)
17:00-20:00 technological workshop with Kasper Toeplitz (ENG), materials provided
17:00-20:00 yoga workshop with Myriam Gourfink (ENG), bring your yoga mats
sign in: art_in@fabrykasztuki.org / free workshops

27 April 2017 (Thursday)
19:00 performance DATA_Noise
20:00 discussion
free entrance


The event is a part Perform_Tech project organised by Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz and a part of 100 years of the Avant-Garde celebrations in Poland.
Curator: Maciej Ożóg
Partner: Zakład Mediów Elektronicznych UŁ

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Art Factory
Tymienieckiego 3
90-365 Lodz, Poland
phone/fax: 48 42 646 88 65

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