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Historically, Plato developed the notion of “Theatrum Mundi” – the Theatre of Life. It is a place where people are just puppets, actors, and their only task is to play their role. Life, on the other hand, is governed by a powerful figure, known as the creator (Demiurge, God). Nowadays, this role is assumed by mass media, which we are exposed to every day. They have an increasing influence on us, as well as on our lives and behaviours. People today are immersed in mass culture and lost between two worlds: the real world in which they live and the world created by the media.

On 10 May, at the opening of the 11th Fotofestiwal – International Festival of Photography in Lodz – the winners of this year’s Grand Prix contest, which has been organised since 2006 by the Festival, were announced. The prize of PLN 10,000 for the project “DREAMLINE (2008-2011)” was awarded to Tomasz Lazar, the first Polish winner of the Grand Prix in the history of the Fotofestiwal.

Krzysztof Canrowicz, the Director of Fotofestiwal, about DREAMLINE (2008-2011):
The photographic works of Tomasz Lazar are characterised by exceptional freshness. Lazar combines the classic approach to documentary photography with the subjective perspective of the author in a unique manner. These clean, black and white frames and simple shots definitely do not fit into the canon of traditional street photography. Tomek Lazar charms reality in an incredible way. He can present a city’s ordinary every-day life in an unconventional and surreal manner

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