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venue: Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki, Tymienieckiego 3

“Ephemeral Interferences” is the audiovisual performance wherein close interactions between improvised sounds and moving images trigger deep immersive experience of optical sound and sonified vision. Sounds and images interrelations develop in a never-ending, dynamic feedback loop in which intentional human manipulation of audio and visual components is being clashed with indetermined impulses generated by the audio-visual analogue-digital machinery itself. This machinery consists of two parts that are closely connected, interact and influence each other.

Ożóg/Knysak - “Ephemeral Interferences” - interactive audiovisual performance @ facebook
Ożóg / Knysak - „Ephemeral Interferences”

The first one is the sound generator operated by Maciej Ożóg. He uses electromagnetic filed sensors, custom-build Analog RF Power Detector for Sonification of Wireless Network Traffic as well as software to create dense soundscapes that are a form of sonification of invisible architecture of electromagnetic flows specific for the performance venue. The other part of the machinery is the self-made analogue vision generator operated by Mariusz Knysak. Images are created in real time with the help of the system of mirrors, polished metal sheet and other reflexive materials set in motion by the performer. They reflect light from the video projector creating ephemeral, hologram-like, ghost-like images that flow in space engulfing the audience. Selected parameters of sound (volume, pitch, frequency, dynamic) control the intensity and form of images emitted by the projector. In reverse, some parameters of projected images (intensity, movement, colour, dynamic, position in space) are monitored by the set of light sensors that trigger and influence selected parameters of sound effects. In this way human factor is in constant dialog and symbiosis with the autonomous activity of generative techno-system. A dynamic, fluid, constantly in-becoming audiovisual spectacle emerges out of this tension and cooperation between human and technology.

Ożóg / Knysak – info

Maciej Ożóg and Mariusz Knysak started working together at the end of 2014. The first result of their collaboration was a series of video recordings and photographs by Knysak, which were inspired by sound compositions prepared for Ożóg's CD "Electric Disobedience of Flesh" (Requiem Records 2015). Some of the pictures were the basis of the cover design of this release. The realization of the video "Access 3", which is the visualization of one of the tracks from the Ożóg's album, was the turning point in Ożóg-Knysak cooperation. It was the impulse to start conceptual working on the audiovisual performance based on a deep integration and interaction of vision and sound. The mechanical analog / digital audiovisual system, which works using the feedback loop between live projections and improvised sounds, has been built as a result of many experimentations that lasted more than a year. This system is the basis of the interactive audiovisual performance "Ephemeral Interferences" that will premiere in May 2016.


- screening „Access_03” by Mariusz Knysak / Maciej Ożóg
- Mariusz Knysak's photography presentation
- Ożóg / Knysak – „Ephemeral Interferences – interactive audiovisual performance”

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